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Commission: TheScalyBard 

This commission was done for TheScalyBard on FA

I thought I had posted this before school had hit me at full swing.  And I realized I am a giant derp and didn’t post this.  =3=

But anywho, I wanted to get this posted before I stream the school projects I am trying to get completed in time for the gallery showing.  I am super happy with how this came out, and I hope you all enjoy.

This commission is being done for thescalybard

This is a full color commission being worked on for TheScalyBard.  I am really happy with how the inks look so I thought I would share how just the inks look before moving onto the flats for this :3

From left to right in the pictures the characters are:

Mistress Angel belongs to MissAngelaB

Alex belongs to TheScalyBard

Moku belongs to MokuseiKaze (Me)

Full Color Commission: Technicandy

This full color commission was done for Technicandy featuring three of her original characters Veronica (the female lop bunny), and the two black cats (both of whom are unnamed at the moment.  If you are familiar with her work you know that the two cats are a couple, and in this image the girls decided to go off on their own leaving the boy out in the cold.  Such a sad face.

Commission: Anora

This commission was done for :iconAnora: as a follow up to this image in a sense

This Illustration was done to depict a very happy and content Anora, but a very confused Moku wondering how this happened.  I really love how this image came out.  I really love working on images where facial expressions really help express what is actually happening within the image.

Commission: Leera and Vinn

This commission was done for Runa216 and Greenwing

This picture was actually a bit of a challenge due to the size difference and the body of the female snake character (since I haven’t drawn a lot of non anthro snakes).  But now that I have finished this and taken the time to add some of the smaller details, I am really happy with how this came out.

Leera Ssevarine © Runa216

Vinn © Greenwing

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