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This is Beowulf, the sick kitten we have been nursing back to health. She is still a bit bleary eyed and sick, but she is starting to gain some weight. And when she is awake she wants to be close to someone to steal their body heat. She has been taking a lot of time to take care of, but she needs it and we are happy to help her. She is definitely a part of our family now. ♡♡♡

Sorry for the delays with posting and art, sick kitten news!

Sorry that I have not been around for the past week, two things have kept me from having an online presence. First and foremost, my mic for streaming was destroyed by a scared Baboo, who ran from a rustling bag and then jumped into the table that had the head phones which fell and caught on him like a little saddle which made him run like he was running from gun fire. By the time his five minutes of racing about with the caught head phones, they were broken to say the least, but they have been replaced, so now you can hear my nittering while drawing and not have to just listen to whatever I happen to be listening to that day.

The bigger reason I have not been on, is last Thursday, we found an abandoned 4 week old kitten who was really sick and skin and bones. We tried to get her to help that night, but they refused to take little kitten in. So we ended up nursing her back to health and been tending to her night and day. And took her to an actual vet on Saturday to get her medicated and to see if she was going to make it. Found out she had a strong chance if we kept up what we had been doing, so now we have a new member to the family. She is still really sick, but she is doing so much better than she was doing that cold Thursday night. She still takes a lot of time and energy, but she is getting to a point where I am able to start getting work done again (thank goodness). So I will be back to work tomorrow and posting things. Sorry for the delay and for poofing.

Hope you all like the work that is coming soon, as well as some of the specials I will start posting tomorrow.

Love all your faces,

2014 Character Redesign: Yumi a.k.a Shibari

Some of you might remember a really old character named Shibari:

She was a character I didn’t have the chance to draw much, but I am hoping to change that with the comic as well as with the major redesign and fleshing out I did of her.  I still really adore the idea of her, she is extremely submissive and likes to be put on public display and used for public “service”.  So llok forward to seeing more of this lovely lady and getting to know her a little bit better.

She is also going to be another character option at

so if you want to have some questions answered about her, be sure to post them to the ask box at that tumblr and ask for her by name ♥

2014 Character: The Story Collector (used to be Moku)

So the reason I made such a major change to my personal character is that this character that has been the main character I have drawn for years is going to be getting a life of her own with a free web comic I am ironing out (which will hopefully go live soon).  So I felt like I needed to refine her design as well as make a stronger separation between the two characters.  I am really excited to illustrate and share her story.  I think it is a really good one.

But I wanted to make the character look more dragon-ish, by changing her head shape a bit and giving her feet a bit more dragon style foot.  I am really proud of this redesign, and I really hope you all like it as well.  

For those of you familiar with the Ask Moku, this is going to be effecting the blog which will be getting a major reboot soon, so be sure to stay tuned. ♥

More redesigns are coming soon.  

So tomorrow is October first, and I am going to be doing several things to celebrate the holiday as well as celebrate that I have gone over 2000 watchers on FA.  I will be doing commission specials and opening an Etsy shop finally, but if you are also following me on FA, you will also have contests that you can partake in to have the chance to win free art.  Stay tuned for more information and besure to also pay attention to for all the details.

Lets start the mood a little early:

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