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Here a selection of a variety of the work I have done for classes over the past couple of years.  These particular three I used to apply for a scholarship.  I unfortunately did not get that particular scholarship, but I am still really happy with each one of these.  I might repost this again down the line when I can get some stronger pictures with better lighting for some of the larger pictures.

Dramatic Still Life, by me, oil painting on canvas, 2x3 feet, photographed by Riana Merrick

Wicked Toy Maker, by me, digital painting, 4x6 inches

Mental Chaos, by me, Drawing with Charcoal, chalk pastels, oil paint, acrylic, India ink and oil pastels, 4x4 feet, photographed by Riana Merrick

In the lab, by me, India Ink and water color, 6x6 inches

Voltaire Gig Poster, by me, digital drawing, 11x14 inches*

Mnemophobia, by me, water color on color pressed water color paper, 10x14 inches

*The musician/modern writer, Voltaire, has seen this particular piece and even used it for a stretch of his Book Tour (after some modification) for his book tour over seas.  He has given his blessing for this to be posted and for prints to be sold.  So please stay tuned if you are interested in getting a copy of this particular poster.

Fandemonium Mascots

All of these pictures were done for Fandemonium as part of being a guest of honor.  So I thought I would go ahead and post these here.  If you make it to the convention there is a chance that your badge may feature one of these three images.  I will also have at least Sci-fi Guy post cards at my table.  But if you are not making it to the con stay tuned for all three being available as prints.

This years theme was Pirates so the pictures are of Pirate Anime Girl, Pirate Chibi Cthulhu, and Space Pirate Sci-Fi Guy.  Please Enjoy :D

2014 ACEO Editions :D

So this large batch of ACEOs (Art Cards Editions and Originals) are all the ones that there will be multiple copies available as well as the original cards.  If you look trough the cards you will see a large variety of characters.  I am really happy with how this came out, and I hope you like it too.

Here are some of the images you can find in this:

Toothless (How to train your dragon)





The Character Mokusei

Moku (the artist) and Angel (the digital mistress)


Dry Bones

Sylveon (Pokemon)

Isabelle (Animal Crossing)

Reese (Animal Crossing)

♥ACEOs of the Sailor Scouts♥

I will be making prints of these cards and will probably have the prints available after the con, but I don’t know if the original art cards will still be available.  I will keep you all posted :3

All the Sailor Scout cards include:

Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury 

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Mars

Sailor Venus

Sailor Pluto

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Uranus

Sailor Saturn

♥♥♥Stay tuned for the chance to get a set or an individual card of your very own♥♥♥

One of a Kind ACEOs

This is tall scanned ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals) that will be one of a kind at the con, I will however make the ones left over available for purchase after the last day of convention.  So be sure to stay tuned :3

An art flood of Biblical proportions is coming

Hello everyone!  

I have been horrendously busy for the past several months but I have not forgotten all of you.  ♥  Between house guests, some social drama and con prep I have been a rather busy bee.  But with Fandemonium just 5 days away, I am in the final stretch of con prep… so not only do I have a several pictures I have been working on prior to con prep to share, but I also have a lot of new stuff that I have made specifically for the convention.   If you are going to be in Boise, Idaho August 1st through the 3rd, be sure to stop by the Grove Hotel in downtown Boise and come say hello at my booth or at any of the panels I am running over the weekend.  Hope to see some of you there. ♥♥♥

Some stuff to look forward to seeing at the con in person and/or online:

-A lot of ACEO (ACEO=Art Cards Editions and Originals)

-Post Cards


-OOAK Munny (OOAK=One of a kind)

-OOAK Monster High Dolls (OOAK=One of a kind)

-OOAK Painted Reaper Figurines (OOAK=One of a kind)

-Artwork of the Convention Mascots

-A lot of Major updates and redesign on

During con Weekend (August 1-3)

-Three new Ask Moku (maybe 18+ at times, only at

-The grand return of the free web comic Random of Randomness 2.0

-The grand premier of Pyrrhic Parasol (The comic connected with Ask Moku… It’s Finally happening!!!)

***These will all be on the website, but in case the website is still being worked on, all three comics can be found at this places (as long as internet allows at the con, there may be delays if the hotel signal is poor) check these sites for updates:

Post Con Updates coming:

-completion of artwork in queue and the reopening of commission slots (individuals what on commissions will here from me within the next couple of days with an update and a little more information on delays and status) will have a fully operational store (possibly attached to Etsy or Store Envy… we shall see what has the best options)

-Website will be full updated featuring new pages, portfolio and much more

-More Blog Shenanigans which will have more regular updates with reviews looking at art products, other artists, video games and so much more.  Also hoping to provide some long over due tutorials that have been requested.  More pictures of works in progress, sketches, personal rantings, work/living spaces, maybe some recipes, and maybe some pictures of a very camera shy moku. 

-The Grand Return of the Moku Show (a.k.a. so much art streaming with music, talking and special guests :D)

-A Patreon and a direct tip jar will be setup for people who want to help support the webcomics :3

-A crowd sourcing project is also going to be setup and going live about a month after con (more details will come later and the project becomes a bit more focused/ironed out)

-A quarterly News Letter will also become available for the latest news and projects being produced at the Moku House which you will be able to sign up for through the website (will post more info when it is getting closer to time for the News Letter to go live)

-And more stuff than you can shake a stick at


 The prophecy has foretold a awesome rift splitting open in the vast gunmetal blue sky… and unleashing a plague of untold size of art, updates, comics and so much more.

Keep you loved ones close, for the end of the swarm may not see end for a long time.

♥Love all your lovely faces♥





Proper swimming technique 


that kid squealing in the background tho

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