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Personal Art: Personal Character Redesign of Moku

So after I was sick and all bleh last week, I had a really hard time putting lines on paper.  So I stop and realised that I could not remember the last time I actually worked on something personal, thus I decided to actually tackle a redesign to actually separate my personal character  from the one that will be featured in the web comic coming soon.  The last time I drew this variation was for a badge I drew over two years ago, but has managed to stay my favorite.  I am also planning on playing with the color scheme and making a couple other variations for the seasons (like slight color changes and much fluffier for the winter months).  But I am REALLY happy with how this looks so far so I thought I would share what lines look like currently.

I hope you live this picture as much as I do!  ♥♥♥ 

Chibi_Tiger commission 

okay a lot of work went into this image and a lot of attention to detail,  so in addition to including the variation without the internal shot, I also included close ups of various areas of interests within the image :D

Hope you all enjoy ♥♥♥

Chibi_Tiger commission WIP with internal shot (completed Shadow Wash)

This commission is for Chibi_Tiger on FA

I rather liked how the image looked at this stage so I wanted to post this before posting the final colored image.  I feel like there is a lot to be said about a black and white image and how rich the shadows can make an image look.  Hope you all like!  ♥♥♥

Chibi_Tiger commission WIP (completed inks)

This commission is being done for Chibi_Tiger on FA.  I am really happy with how this commission is coming along, and I wanted to share the WIP with everyone here.  I included an image without the internal shot since I know some people prefer them not to be there and it is easy enough to show two different versions.  Hope you all like! ♥♥♥

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